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Mezzanine Floor & Full Height Low Height Partition wall

Krishna Interio Mezzanine Floor & Full Height Low Height Partition wall Manufacturer from Ahmedabad

1. Mezzanine Floor

Business industrial steel mezzanine floor with weld parts and i beam for argentine importer and warehouse racking by rack warehouse multi-level mezzanine flooring/ steel mezzanine floor/ stainless steel mezzanine floor Product design: Garret platform rack adopts modular structure and dedicated steel layer. Make full use of space flexile design of double layer or multilayer.

  • Product features:
  • industrial steel platforms, warehouse racking system
  • Strong carrying capacity, good uniformity of bearing
  • High precision, smooth surface, easy to be locked.
  • Polytype optional, easy to match with lighting system, convenient accessand management.
  • Google new products China supplier 1600 square metre garret platform rack for warehouse storage with business card furniture warehouse storage rack/ racking system

Mezzanine Floor & Full Height Low Height Partition wall

Mezzanine Floor & Full Height Low Height Partition wall

2. Full Height Low Height Partition Wall

Prefabricated Full Height Partitions are the most cost effective products to divide space and provide privacy to your personnel. Using an existing ceiling in an open area office we can redesign the entire area to create a positive environment for your staff. With hundreds of color choices to choose from we can provide you with the look and feel you want. Whether it's deep wood grains or faux we have hundreds of styles and colors to choose from.

With integrated UL classified electrical including light switches, outlets, phone, and data jacks we can redesign your entire working space in a matter of days instead of having a long line of contractors parading through your business. We get done in days what most companies get done in weeks or months.

By developing a solid plan, we can cut the amount of time that it takes to perform the work on your site. We can even do it during off hours or over a weekend so your staff can come back to a newly renovated office after a long relaxing weekend.

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